Repairing my Delta Kitchen Faucet

I have a Delta faucet in my kitchen that is about 25 years old. It recently started leaking and making a flood every time I used it.

I found a couple of YouTube videos that seem to indicate it isn’t hard to fix. All Delta faucets are pretty much the same, and the universal repair kit is available online or at a home improvement store.

I discovered that, since Delta faucets are guaranteed for live, they will send you a repair kit for free if you ask them. All they require is that you send them a picture of your faucet and another of the supply lines under your sink (why they need this last thing, I have no idea).

I’m going to post the two YouTube videos I found very helpful below.

But I also have some tips from someone who has never repaired a faucet before (third video below).


This is a studio video using a brand new faucet and is a good place to start:


This is someone repairing an actual faucet:


These are my additional tips:

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